SegSense allows you to know the evaluation of the sensation of security at areas of Rio de Janeiro. Rio is the beautiful showcase of Rio. What happens here spreads throughout Brazil. “Rio is the trailer for Brazil” (Arnaldo Jabor).

It is a fact that the city is getting more and more dangerous every day. Violence increases. News of lost bullets and riots accumulate. Number of homicides increases. The South Zone of the city, with the highest income bracket, democratically experiences the sensation of insecurity, which was characteristic of less affluent communities. A simple walk on the sidewalk becomes a tense experience. With SegSense app you can have information about security level of neighborhoods and points of the city where you walk, or move by car or get a house. This assessment is most valuable because it does not come from the authorities, it is provided directly by people who suffer from the violence of assaults and murders and have the true feeling of the level of security of places.